Organization Motivation! TV Appearance

The Garage Makeover Company will be featured on the local tv show, Organization Motivation!, with the DeClutter Coach, Deb Cabral, airing this July. The episode features Rick and Nicole of New Hartford, full-time working parents with 4 kids and a crazy schedule. With all 4 kids in sports, the family’s calendar is packed with practice and games, and subsequently the garage is packed with sporting equipment and clutter.  Rick and Nicole solicit the help of Organization Motivation! and Deb to get their disorganized, unruly garage in order.  


After assessing the storage needs of the garage, Deb designed an organization plan that involved none other than Gorgeous Garage products to meet the demands of this active family. The Garage Makeover Company crew came to the rescue to store helmets, balls, scooters, bicycles, lawn chairs, sleds, a bowling ball and so much more. Tune in to see our innovative products and service, the declutter process, a surprise for the family and the inspiring reveal.


The official air date of this Organization Motivation! episode will be announced shortly. OM! is televised in Syracuse, Buffalo, Utica, Elmira and Watertown and several other cities nationally.


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