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I painted my garage floor and it began peeling within months. What makes your flooring different?
We don't use paint or epoxy products for purchase off the shelf at Big Box or paint stores. They just don't hold up to the vehicle traffic and de-icing salts that are used in the winter here in Western NY. Our installers are trained to install an industrial grade Polyurea or Polyaspartic floor. It has a proven track record and will last for years with little maintenance. It's the best product for the harsh weather conditions in NY. In addition, we thoroughly prepare the floors before installing our floor coatings. We don't just power wash or acid etch the floors as that just won't cut it. We mechanically prepare the floor using diamond grinding or shot blasting machines and concrete dust vacuums. We've invested in the best equipment to prepare floors by removing contaminants such as dirt, oil and rust. In addition, our preparation process leaves the perfect surface profile for our industrial grade epoxies to adhere to..

How much does it cost to do my garage floor?
Pricing is based on several factors; the square footage (length by width), the condition of the floor (new vs. old), whether there are existing coatings on the floor and what type of flooring you are interested in. The best answer for this question can be given over the phone. We give 100% free, no-obligation estimates, good for 6 months.

What if I need more hooks to hang items from the Monkey Bars System?
You can call us and let us know what you need to hang and we will match you with the correct hook(s) so that you keep your belongings up and off the floor. We can mail them or deliver them to you.

How long does installation take?
Most residential floor installations are completed in 1 day. That's because of the products that we use. Most homeowners put off doing their floors because they think they need to leave their belongings outside for several days. That's just not the case with our system. Most homeowners are walking their belongings back into their garage the same night we installed the floor or the next day. We do ask you keep heavy items such as vehicles, riding mowers, etc. out of the garage fr 24 hours.
Installation of our storage systems (cabinets, Monkey Bars shelf/rack system & overhead storage) typically take 1 day.

How do you recommend we clean our new floor?
Our flooring system hides dirt well but when you feel the need to clean it, just use a garden hose, pressure washer or mop and water. That's all you'll need to keep your floor looking new.

Can you install your flooring system outside or in basements?
Yes. Our product is not only great for garages but also for porches, steps, swimming pool areas, basements, offices, warehouses, auto shops, auto dealerships, hangars, etc. Our product adheres tenaciously to concrete, wood, and metal with the proper surface preparation.

What if I have a problem with my storage system or flooring after it is installed?
Our storage system products have a lifetime warranty and you get peace of mind with our 5 year flooring warranty. Should you have any questions or problems with any Monkey Bar product just call us and we will make it right.

My floor has moisture coming up through the slab, will this cause problems if we put a resinous coating down?
The number one reason resinous flooring systems fail is due to moisture vapor transmission. MVT is moisture vapor coming up from the ground through the concrete slab. Resinous coatings are non-porous, so high levels of moisture coming up through the slab can push up against the floor coating, causing it to lose its bond. We will install an epoxy moisture vapor barrier to remediate this issue before installing your floor.

Do I need to remove everything from the garage before you arrive?
For flooring projects we need the floor to be clear of belongings so we can begin working upon arrival and adequately prepare and coat the entire floor. Built in items such as cabinets or work benches can stay as we can cut in around them. Items hanging from the walls or ceiling do not need to be removed unless they protrude onto or over the floor. Electronics or other items sensitive to dust should be removed. For storage projects, we ask you move items toward the center of the garage so we can have several feet of clearance around the walls for us to install your new storage systems.

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